COL National Indigenous Program

Core of Life's National Indigenous program developed in response to a distinct and well recognised lack of appropriate, locally inclusive, culturally respectful pregnancy and parenting education for young people especially in rural and remote Indigenous communities.

The Core of Life program (COL) was developed in Victoria in 1999 in response to requests for a more comprehensive education program for teenagers.

COL identifies birth as being central to cultures and families.

It is a unique, 'hands on', health promotion/prevention/early intervention program created by midwives. It was designed to empower male and female adolescents with information on pregnancy, birth and parenting a newborn. The program helps local communities' respond to needs for promoting awareness short and long term consequences of pregnancy and parenting. This can help improve outcomes for our young and future families and promote connections within each community.

The education sessions also provide an opportunity for young people to develop skills and knowledge in: parenting, child development

Demand from Indigenous communities prompted YFER to modify COL and redevelop their systems, tools and training to meet the needs of Aboriginal clients. Working within Indigenous communities has now become a large part of the COL National program.

The primary target group for COL - youth aged 12 and up, especially those at risk of early pregnancy or parenting.

Secondary target group – pregnant women and young mothers

Emerging target group – young men and fathers. The evolving role of the father in many Aboriginal communities has prompted YFER to develop MenzBiz a program which is constantly evolving and developing to meet the needs of young men and fathers in promoting positive fatherhood.

YFER can train those people working with youth and/or families to learn COL and provide them with the education tools to deliver education to those that need it in heir community.

If you would like more information about COL training or education please contact us

YFER has support from a variety of sources to deliver training and education some of these being;

Close the Gap National Partnership Agreements for Indigenous Early Childhood Development – NT/TAS/ACT
Commonwealth Government Invest To Grow – Family support program since 2005
Strategic partnership with Aboriginal Maternity Services Support unit – WA

For further information about COL's community engagement strategy please download this Promising Practice Profile.

COL Reconciliation Efforts

COL is also initiates and collaborates on cross cultural events. Theses events engage youth & families and a wide cross section of key stakeholders across a given community/region.

This encourages the creation of a unique cultural learning environment and experience that is informative, inspiring and empowering

In joining together young/old and Indigenous/Non Indigenous, great communication and sharing can take place, fostering a community of understanding and respect in our parents of the future.

If you would like to plan a cross cultural event with YFER please contact us