COL Team

'Call for Sponsorship'

COL is actively seeking business partnerships. If you would like to seek opportunities to support COL/Yfer, please contact us at

Core of Life’s National Program is currently partially supported by the Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Social Services - Children and Parenting Services.
COL is also supported for its activities with First Australians in the Northern Territory via the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS)

There is a high demand for further work within this space and YFER will continue to seek partnerships with community, government and local organisations to continue to offer its services and work closely with Aboriginal youth, young mothers and families.

Other COL activities are supported from local funding initiatives.

YFER relies on this generous funding for COL to meet the needs of youth and families nationally and would encourage prospective funders and sponsors to contact the YFER office directly at

YFER also has many supporters and partnerships Nationally both in the health/education/NGO and Indigenous sectors and values their ongoing commitment to promoting valuable education, training and resources.